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How do I submit a Report Modification Request to CTS?
Last Updated 7 years ago

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Process: The process shall take place with the CTS Helpdesk system, OSTicket. Each request shall be submitted by logging into that system and submitting the form for Report Modification Requests. The CTS department will then prioritize each request in collaboration with Management and Leadership.

Steps to submit:
  • Sign into the CTS Helpdesk ( with your BSC Account.2.
  • Select Open New Ticket

  • Help Topic = Report Modification Request
  • Fill out the form with as much information as possible
    • Report Name: Please put the exact name of the report that you are requesting modification for.
    • Report Location: Please enter the exact location of the report, including directory and division.
    • Division Head – Approver: This is the person who leads your decision and who will help CTS determine the priority of this report modification
    • Dependency: To help CTS determine priority, please let us know what cannot be done without this report. What will the impact of this report be?
    • Requested Completion Date: When would you like this report completed by? CTS will make every effort to meet this date, but may need to prioritize other work.
    • Subject: Report Name and Division
      • Example – Run Rate Report – Admissions
    • Details: Please add exactly what you would like modified on the report. Field names, example screen shots, example data is very helpful. You can attach files to the ticket as well.
  • Click submit
  • You can log back into the CTS Helpdesk to check on your report. CTS will communicate often as to the status of your report.
Prioritization Criteria:

These are the criteria that CTS will use to prioritize your report modification requests.

  • Impact: How much impact towards the Bay State Mission and Strategic Plan will this report have? Will having this report functional change the way that Bay State does business.
  • Risk: What is the risk load that not having this data places on the College and Division. Is Bay State at risk if this data is not available?
  • Dependency: What is not happening because this report is non-functional.

If I am still having an issue, who do I contact?

You can contact the CTS Helpdesk at 617-217-9122 or visit us in person at our office: 31 St. James Ave. 2nd Floor, West Wing through the double glass doors. Our office is the last door on the left.

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