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Email using Special Subject Lines
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Email using Special Subject Lines

We have two special subject line services to help assist those who send documents that may or may not contain personal information. Please keep in mind that messages can still be blocked by our Barracuda Spam Firewall when using the subject notations below, but this helps us to quickly determine whether or not to release them.

When should I use the special subject lines:

  1. A. Please use [INFO] at the beginning when you are sending blank documents such has hiring info W2’s , Health Plan Documents, and does not contain ACTUAL personal information.
    • Subject Line Examples:
      • [INFO] Your required hiring Documents
      • [INFO] Online Student Orientation
  2. Please use [SECURE] at the beginning when you are sending ACTUAL personal information to other outside companies and there is no other way to get this information to the external company.
    • Subject Line Examples:
      • [SECURE] Accuplacer Records
      • [SECURE] Student Information

When using [SECURE] to encrypt a message, the encrypted email process happens as follows:

By entering [SECURE] at the beginning of the Subject line we can redirect the message through an encrypted channel to and encrypted message server; to be picked up by the intended recipient.

The recipient clicks on the link and is asked to create an account with Barracuda to retrieve the message via a secure website.

Example of Subject Line:

The Subject Line of the message the recipient sees is:

The content of the message the recipient sees is:

Once the Recipient clicks on the link they are redirected to the Encrypted Message Server.

First time users are greeted with a new user login screen.

Returning users are greeted with the following screen.

Message list

Opened message window

Please contact or call us at 617-217-9122 with any questions or concerns regarding this.

A PDF version of the document has been added if you wish to keep a local copy

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