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Dymo Labelwriter Fixes
Last Updated 5 years ago

The Dymo Labelwriters at the front desk at 122 frequently has issues. Here are some quick fixes for them:
Drivers for Labelwriter 310 (Karen Opitz) (link is not available directly on their website's "Support" tab)

Drivers for Labelwriter 400 (Beth and Michelle Stockman)

In the event an "Out of Paper" message appears, try the following:
  • Clear the print queue. Disconnect the label maker from the power supply for 30 seconds. Wait for the unit to disconnect from the computer. Then reconnect power supply.
  • Make sure that the labels are feeding through the machine properly. The labels have to be set to feed from the left side of the machine. Make sure that the roll of labels is properly aligned. Also, make sure that the roll of labels is set snugly in place on the spool. If it's not in place, chances are that the labels will move side to side, throwing off the alignment. 

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