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How do I print using the Follow-You system from a non-BSC machine?
Last Updated 7 years ago

CTS – How To – Print using Follow-You from a non-BSC device


This document will detail how to print securely to Bay State Ricoh copiers and printers using the Ricoh “Follow You” Technology. This process allows you to print to the Follow-You printer and then tap your card on any printer to print the document. You can use these directions to print from any device or from home


  • Open up a browser
  • Go to

  • Choose Print and login with your BSC Account
  • Choose bscprint
  • Choose your file and set you copies and page range

  • Click continue
  • Choose paper size, duplex printing (back and front), and orientation

  • Your job will process

  • You job is now waiting for you in the cloud.
  • Go to a copier, tap your card
  • If this is your first time using Follow-You, you will need to connect your card with your BSC account
    • Tap you ID card on the printer
    • It will say “card not recognized,” that is ok!
    • Press the USER ID button and input your BSC Account username and password
    • Press LOGIN
    • You will not need to do this again unless you lose you ID card
  • Select Follow-You Printing from the screen
  • Select the job you would like to print.
  • Press LOGOUT when you are finished.

If I am still having an issue, who do I contact?

You can contact the CTS Helpdesk at 617-217-9122 or Visit us in person at our office: 31 St. James Ave. 2nd Floor, West Wing through the double glass doors. Our office is the last door on the left.

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